Haunted forest adventure

We went there after 6 p.m., which means there was still some light left when we started, and absolute dark night when we finished. Buuuut nothing special happened.. well.. a little..

- saw a dead cat/rabbit/something nailed to a tree, partly hanging from it’s paw

- saw pet cemetary, with crosses, lighted candles, and pictures of animals

- I had trouble breathing in a few places, but I can’t tell if I was nervous or.. something else

- and the most interesting thing - In the middle of the exploration, we stopped, stood still in complete dark. After a while, when our eyes get used to this, we saw three or four bright lights floating approximately 3 three metres in front of us. We were quite close to a road, so it could be car lights, but - they were moving chaotic and slowly, from left to right, getting closer to us. Needles to say, we were alone.

And that’s all. I didn’t expect much, because all forests are kinda creepy when it’s dark. What I described above was the only scary moment.

(Last thing - nothing special in photographs, not even orbs)

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A couple of friends and I want to explore a “haunted” forest tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it’s just a bunch of urban legends, but you never know. 

My question is, what should I take with me for protection? Just to be sure…

(I was thinking black tourmaline… aand don’t know what else)

Thank you :)

(Also, would you like to know, if anything happened there? Like a report or something?)

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